Assen Round 4

Hi Guys,

Really difficult weekend in Assen which is a shame because I was feeling really feeling confident heading into round 4, I knew the track reasonably well having been there in 2009-2010.

Friday practice was fully wet conditions which I am usually strong in these conditions but we couldn't seem to find a good setting with the bike and it was also first time using Pirelli tyre which was a handful in itself to get my head around.

Saturday practice was wet we made some good improvements. Leading into superpole the track was 80% dry, my choice was to go out on full slick tyres, the team decided against my decision and sent me out on intermediates, I did the out lap and then pitted because the track was dry its impossible to make the lap time on the intermediate tyre in the dry condition, I pitted and the team changed to slick, I went out and only had time for 2 laps.I was very disappointed in the teams decision and not to go with what I wanted, This cost me valuable dry track time which we needed leading into race 1, this was my first dry session in Assen and being superpole it is only 15 minutes so it was important to make as many laps as possible, which didn't happen.

Race 1 was difficult, not having a dry setting or dry track time so I lost alot of time at the start of the race, learning different things about the circuit, braking markers etc. As the race went on I got a lot faster but ran into some set up issues along the way preventing me from pushing 100%. Finishing the race in 16th.

Sunday warm up we took what we learnt from Race 1 and made a big change in the right direction and went much faster first thing. Towards the end of the session I got taken out by another rider, lucky for me I walked away from that one without any damage, can't say the same for the bike though.

Race 2, I was kitted up all ready to go, the pit lane was open and the mechanics were just doing the final once over on the bike after repairing it from warm up crash, Final step was to get the WSBK chief scrutineer to sign off on the bike so I could ride, He came straight and and looked at the bike and could see that the chassis was really bent so it would be impossible for me to ride the bike for safety reasons.

Very disappointing weekend for me with a little bad luck. Imola in a couple weeks and im hoping I can get some good results on the board for myself, fans and sponsors.

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Aragon WSBK

Hi guys,

I have arrived in my new home in Andorra, great little spot in the hills of La Massana, perfect spot for training, the high altitude is a huge advantage to be training in.


Myself and ruben Xaus traveled over to aragon together, Once we arrived at the circuit we went straight to medical centre to get a clearance from the doctor to race, we got the go ahead to ride although my injury still isn't 100%.

First things first Ruben and i did a track walk, First time for me in Aragon so I had a lot to lean, only have 1 day with the new bike and team at Phillip Island before breaking my shoulder, so it was a massive learning curve for us. The main goal for us this weekend was to get as much mileage as possible and try to adapt and feel comfortable in my new environment.

First impression with the track was great, the up and downs and series of slow and fast corners was a great feeling. Unfortunately my injury stopped me from being able to push for a good lap time, being only four and a half weeks from the incident, I didn't have any strength at all in the shoulder so from that point we just tried to build strength and get familiar with the bike.


The race was super hard, I tried to push in the early stages of the race but the bike was to hard to ride with the new tyre, a lot heavier and required more energy and strength to do the lap time. Once the grip went away it was a lot easier for me to ride but even still the pain and lack of strength was to much to handle. I managed to do 13 laps in both races before being forced to retire, this is not the way id like to start my wsbk debut but its one of those things. Onwards and upwards for round 4 in Assen next week.

Im back home in Andorra now, training the house down to ensure we are much stronger for Assen and can fight for a good result. I will continue to push and make up for the lost ground.


Massive thanks to my sponsors for their ongoing support, Bell Helmets, Australian Brewery, Alpinestars, Throwr, Shotz nutrition, Browns Grafix, Adina Watches and all fans and supporters.




Troy Bayliss Classic

Happy New Year to all,

We have the 2016 Troy Bayliss Classic coming up on the 16th of January. I'm excited to be apart of this amazing event.
Team Honda Racing have prepared a competitive bike for me for this year, I've got my full focus on the win and I think we have a good chance of making a great job.

I will be carrying over my personal sponsors from 2015 to 2016, Bell Helmets, Alpinestars and Foild, who do a really good job of managing my website, social media and marketing. A new sponsor coming onboard for 2016 , a local app development agency Throwr.

Can't wait to see you all there for another great year of the TBC



Pre season Test

Hi all,

Had two great days at Motegi testing, this is a new track for me so I had a lot to learn. The team was great we came away with some good data and moved forward with the bike setting. In the morning session of the second day I did some damage to my hand and had to sit it out.

On my way to Tokyo for a motorcycle show with Honda for the next couple days.

This will give me some time to rest my hand before testing at Suzuka circuit next Monday, Tuesday.



As you guys probably already know I am in hospital at the moment with a broken wrist, collar bone, and C6 vertebrae. I went in for surgery at Epworth Hospital on the 25-2-2014 and the operation went well,ball breaks were clean and went back together nicely with plate and screwing the wrist and pinning the collar bone and with my neck it's a stable fracture there for no operation was provided, at this stage I'm still in hospital hopefully out at the end of the week and move to Epworth Rehabilitation for a few days. I am feeling good considering and in high spirits. I have to say a huges thanks to you guys, all my fans for supporting me, your positive comments really is a massive help and makes me super psyched to get back to work !




WSBK Support race PI

Today went really well for Team Honda Racing and myself finishing qualifying on top taking out pole position. Had good feeling with the new Honda CBR 1000RR SP, it's an awesome package straight out of the box and I come to grips with it straight away, conditions down here at Phillip Island are unpredictable as usual. Looking forward to the race this afternoon stay tuned.


Phillip Island 2 day test

We have been down at Phillip Island for the last 2 days, as you all know I will be racing the Honda CBR 1000RR SP with team honda racing again this year. The last 2 days have been full on, testing new tyres and whole new motorcycle for 2014, we got off to a awesome start with overall fastest time at the end of the 2 day test. The new Honda SP model is a awesome package, we didn't have to change a lot with the bike and we found ourselves going fast. Huge thanks to the team for there efforts, they are working hard and we are making some solid steps forward. Looking forward to the world superbikes coming up this weekend at Phillip Island. Follow my Instagram and twitter for updates


AMCN Pic Of The Day


Here is one off my favourite shots from 2013, and today was Photo Of The Day in Australian Motorcycle News

Photo Cred | Keith Muir

Japan Travells

Hey Guys

As you know I am currently in Japan testing for the Famous Suzuka 8 hour race for SAKURAI HONDA RT , I arrived last week and spent 2 days on what is a new bike and new track for me so things started off fairly slow. It was good to meet the team and begin working. The weather wasnt very kind to us as I had 10 dry laps and the rest of the time the track was wet. I went out for night practice which was super cool !! had some hairy moment as you dont have good vison in the night, and the rain made it worse but it was awesome fun !.

I have spend the last 5 days here in Tokyo visiting the Teams workshop, training and cruising around the city its been cool. This afternoon we drive to Suzuka for another 2 day test the weather is looking really hot this time round ! Stay tuned I will keep you up to day with the progress!

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Pre Round 3

hey guys,

This weekend we have the 3rd round of the ASBK held at Queensland Raceway. I will be travelling up tonight with my team mate Jamie Stauffer, preparing for practice first thing tomorrow morning. We have had a few test days at QR leading up to this weekend purely to find a good set up with the bike before we arrive. Looking forward to getting on the bike and turn some laps.